Inside or Outside the Family?

Posted on 18 Jul 2021, Pastor: Rev Nathaniel Rademaker

Law reading: The Eighth Commandment of the Ten Commandments may refer to: “Thou shalt not steal

Today we rejoice as we have the wonderful opportunity to witness brother Stephen Smith reaffirm his faith in his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and welcome him into communicant membership. A ‘Reaffirmation of Faith’ is very similar to a profession of faith. The slight difference is that we recognize that Stephen has been a Christian prior to coming to the Reformed Church and so will ‘Reaffirm’ his Christian faith by agreeing to our membership vows. Welcome Stephen!


Reading: Mark 3:20-35
Text: Mark 3:20-35
Sermon: Inside or Outside the Family?
Theme: Recognizing Christ for Who He is brings You into His Family!
1) Doubt about Jesus
2) House Divided
3) Family or Not?